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STOP!! Before you go any further, I need you to know one VERY IMPORTANT thing. I know how nerve-racking it can be to not only find the perfect home but to also find the right Realtor. As a Buyer's Specialist, RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert), and Realtor, I want you to know upfront that I will respect you, work hard for you, and always be forthcoming with the knowledge I have and the information I provide to you. You will find more information about my story, my experience, as well as, client testimonials in other areas of this page. I encourage you to explore it all. 

As you navigate my page, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can't wait to take this journey with you. Let's Go......


"My wife and I previously lived in Texas, and needed someone to work with us from afar and also locally, and we needed someone who was very familiar with the area. Initially, working within the constraints that Covid-19 placed upon us was unusual and made things more difficult than normal, but Brenda handled it like a pro and guided us through the entire process, helping us find the right property, and even after the close, she continues to provide support as we make the transition and move into our new house in Canadian Lakes. We have been through this process 10 times over the years, and I'm telling you If you are looking for property anywhere in Michigan, especially in western and West Central Michigan, give Brenda a call! You won't be disappointed!"

-Gary & Debbie


I grew up in the little town of Belding just east of Grand Rapids, MI. I moved to the Canadian Lakes area 25 years ago and began my career in Big Rapids. I come from a military family and I am the Mom of a United States Marine. I am extremely passionate about our Veterans, their families, and the organizations supporting the same. In the past 25 years, I have been actively serving our community on various levels. I have served as Ambassador Chair at our local Chamber of Commerce, volunteered with our elderly in our Assisted Living Communities, a board member for Commission on Aging, chaired multiple Veteran events, and am actively involved in our local DBA just to name a few.  When I am not engaged in furthering my education, helping my clients, or supporting my community, you will find me somewhere on a beach, traveling, or poolside relaxing with a good book in hand.